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I've enjoyed photography for many, many years now, but for a long time, photography was just taking some nice pictures on holidays with a little compact camera.

But then on one compact camera, I discovered some manual settings that gave me more control over my images, and something just clicked.

From that day onwards my passion for photography just grew and grew, looking to new and interesting things to photograph, and getting fantastic images on a regular basis.

My first love was taking pictures at night, with all the different colours produced by lights, and things developed from there, landscape photography, then I purchased some lights and a very good flash gun and really developed my portrait photography. I feel that I can get great photos from any occasion.

I feel that the results speak for themselves, with pictures used on websites worldwide, for sale on Getty's galleries, please check out the gallery page on this website or my Flickr account to see more.

And if you ever need a photographer who consistently gets great images for a reasonable price, please feel free to contact me on my mobile or via email, the details are at the top of this page.

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